The half-yearly report

We’ve officially crossed the six month mark.

For longtime readers of this blog you will recall that I had set some goals that I reported against in my first quarterly report. Some were achieved, others not so much.

I knew that the December to March period was going to be tough. I had been mentally preparing for it – convincing myself that being stuck in an apartment with two kids over winter was normal life for millions of people in the world. Now that I’m halfway through this period I should empathise with those who have to live this every year. And I would but all my empathy is needed for myself.

So recognising this, I narrowed my list of goals to try and make them achieveable.

Get the budget under control

Fail. It blew out over Christmas/New Years, despite BB losing her wallet on the bus. Then I decided I had little choice but to get a membership to the local Kidsville (a kind of play centre) so the kids had somewhere indoors to burn up their energy and see that there are other children in the world. The problem with New York is that you can barely walk out the door without spending $20. Keeping to a budget basically means doing as little as possible. Not helpful for cabin fever.

Stay under 100kg aka don’t get fat

I’m pretty confident that Chaos bringing home the vomit bug has helped me achieve that goal, especially since it messed with my appetite for a week after so I’m only just returning to normal now. At one point I think I even saw the outline of some abdominal muscles – haven’t seen those since university days before I got a job at Nandos and binged on chicken and chips. Though I was seriously dehydrated so sadly it hasn’t lasted. Normal coating has resumed.

Don’t go crazy

Well that’s harder to judge. I was in the shower the other day when I started singing the Octonauts theme song. Then it morphed into a rap remake. I think I was in the shower for nearly 30 minutes trying to perfect it. It could have been longer. I just know I walked into the bathroom when the clock had an 8 in front of it and I came out and it had a 9. Actually a 9.25. The kids had used the opportunity to take their art skills to the wooden floor. Cleans off easy though. So not a bad result. If I recall correctly my Octonauts rap remake was pretty good too. Solid beat to it. I should record it and send it to the producers. See if I can get me some cash. Could solve the budgeting problem.

I think I can claim a 1 out of 3. Anyway, I’ve scrapped all goals now and settled on a single mission. Survive till March 6. That’s when my parents arrive for a visit. I should have built up a repertoire of children’s cartoon theme song rap remakes by then.

But anyway, it’s Super Bowl Sunday today so I have to go eat a pile of chicken wings.





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