Crunch time


There are six days left in this semester. BB is under the pump. Her life is mostly spent in the study room right now with all the other poor sods who are going through the most expensive exercise in self-flagellation I’ve ever seen.  She basically escapes to be fed and get a few hours of interrupted sleep before Groundhog Day kicks in again.

So while Google might have been a bit presumptuous on my solo dad status, it’s not too far wrong. A few people have asked me recently how I’m ‘coping’. It’s an interesting word, coping. It does not boast a positive inference. It implies you are undertaking something difficult, and may not survive it.

Am I coping? I think so. Though I have made some decisions that are making life more difficult than it needs to be. Principled decisions mind you. The first is that I roped BB in to join me in a pre-Christmas junk food ban. It runs for 28 days and ends on Christmas Eve. I decided it was required because my calf injury led to a rather rapid weight gain. Apparently stopping cardio and increasing your calorie intake does that. Who knew.

The first five days were deeply unpleasant, but it is fine now. Poor BB though is trying to study on coffee and nuts. She wants her chocolate fix pretty bad. Her eyes occasionally take on the meth addict manic look. I have definitely compounded her suffering with timing of this ban.

The second decision I’ve made is to hide my computer from the wee people as they have become obsessed with watching Netflix. Cartoons are pretty much kiddie crack. Once they’ve had a taste they just want more and more until you realise Sarah & Duck – an admittedly quite delightful little animation – could probably partition the court for custodial rights and win, such is your kids’ love for them. Hurricane has even picked up a bit of a British accent from it, which is rather amusing.

The absence of Sarah & Duck punishes me more than it does Hurricane and Chaos, as not only can I not fall asleep on the couch for an hour post-lunch but I have to think of other ways to distract them when I need to get stuff done. So Sarah & Duck have been replaced by running races. This involves me opening the door to our floor and letting them run rampant up and down the corridor. Typically Hurricane will take a ball with him and Chaos will take the scooter. No supervision required. I can hear them very clearly, as I’m sure everyone else can.

Running races are brilliant. And they have now morphed into corridor cricket and what Hurricane calls bounce bounce – where he takes his bouncy ball and throws it at the walls so it bounces between them while he dodges it. Genius.

I really hope running races don’t draw the attention of the authorities, as with winter now on us it is freezing cold out there. It snowed on the weekend, which was awesome while it was fresh as PoPo (our inflatable penguin sled) got a good run and even BB managed a break to join us. But yesterday we went to the playground and lasted 10 minutes before it became apparent that the content of Chaos’ runny nose was frozen on her face. Turns out it was -5. Even with three good layers on my nipples could’ve cut diamonds. Then it snowed again today. We will be spending a lot of time inside over the next 3 months. Yay.




3 thoughts on “Crunch time

  1. Have just read back a bunch of your blogposts, loved the insights into life over there. Really enjoying your writing C. Good luck with crunch time both of the study and chill variety. KtB


      1. To be fair, I am not. I did once and intended to more, but you know how things go… anyway I have just logged in as part of a NYs resolution to get back on some kind of wagon so we’ll see what happens.

        As you would’ve read England managed to pick up their game for the BD test, but it wasn’t a great pitch… Day One wasn’t the best for a live watch but it was awesome to be there. Saw Warner get out but to a no ball on 99 then make his century which was a pretty entertaining moment to share with 10s of thousands of Aussies and Poms. Also saw Smith’s initial 50, watching him bat is pretty awesome, regardless of pitch, he is so crisp and precise in his movement of foot and bat.

        Plan to talk soon…


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