Google thinks I’m a solo dad

I didn’t know that there were dating sites for solo parents wanting to meet other solo parents. I just thought that outlet was already covered by playgrounds and kids football (soccer) matches. But Google has reassured me that there are plenty of single mothers on the lookout for me. Well presumably men like me, though the ad did say ‘you’, so I took that to mean me specifically. It’s nice to be appreciated.

Apparently I give off a solo dad vibe online. Well actually initially I just gave off a dad vibe, as I was getting hit with ads for both solo mums and Ashleigh Madison – though maybe they just pegged me as being lonely enough to happily pay to chat to a fembot. But then the AM ads stopped, and the solo mums stayed. I don’t even get the Russian or Asian bride ads popping up. It’s weird.

I’ve been trying to think about what the Google algorithm has picked up in my online behaviour that has me pegged as a solo dad. Not just that but also one that it thinks probably only wants a relationship with another solo parent. I’m sure most of you know that Google tracks everything and is particularly invasive if you run an android phone and use Chrome as your browser on your PC, which I do. It connects the devices immediately, so if you search for a product on your phone you’ll pretty quickly spot ads for it when you’re on your PC, and vice versa.

The funny thing in my case is that I’m highly predictable online. Basically I read news, political blogs and sports. Every now and again I get interested in a particular topic and go searching for more info, but otherwise my online profile would be boring as. No Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. Nothing I can think of that would out me as a solo dad.

But then I realised what it was. I do the cooking. And because I do the cooking I go searching for recipes every now and again. So Google’s algorithm takes a punt that more likely than not, a bloke who has kids and does all the cooking is probably on his own. Because why else would he do all the cooking? And because I cook and don’t just get takeaways delivered, that must mean I’m a virtuous solo dad who is good material for a solo mum. Not just some bum after a foreign bride.

But I think Google asks a very fair question. Why do I do all the cooking? Why indeed.

See, Google is not spying on me. It’s looking out for me. The truth is I like cooking. Though BB does make an exceptional chicken parma. Might have to rope her back into the kitchen for a guest appearance.

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