Chaos turns 2


It was at roughly 9pm on 23 March 2015 that BB informed me our family would be growing. I know this because she decided to drop that gem on me as I was shredding my nails watching Grant Elliot drive New Zealand toward an unlikely victory over South Africa in the cricket world cup semi-final. She did it by handing me a drink with the pregnancy test in it – as if it was a swizzle stick. Because when BB first told me about Hurricane being on the way it was her birthday and we were sitting on the Makara cliffs with drinks. She handed me the pregnancy test and I didn’t click to what it was. I thought she was handing me a swizzle stick for some bizarre reason and it was only when I went to use it that I realised it had a blue line on it.

Rest assured, I haven’t consumed any beverage that a pee stick has been in. Came close though. Twice. Hopefully I’ll be a bit more prepared next time. If there is a next time. That’s still being negotiated.

Anyway, as you can imagine, I did not have the mental capacity to handle both the climactic finish to the greatest game of cricket ever played and the news that baby number two was on the way. I thanked BB for telling me and asked her to come back when the match was over.

Chaos landed in our lives 8 months later – about 6 months earlier than we had originally sketched out in our life plan. But then I’ve never really liked following plans, so it didn’t bother me. Hurricane was closing in on the 2 mark at that time and was at peak adorable. He loved her as much as we did the moment he saw her. He still does, most of the time.

Chaos has always been a terrible sleeper (unlike Hurricane), but she’s rarely ratty during the day. Early on I had a feeling that she was going to be similar to my little sister – very gentle, girly and cheeky. And she is. She loves shoes, bags, dresses, dolls and anything that sparkles. Just like her Aunty. Though she also gets excited when she sees an excavator digging out trenches for gas pipelines, unlike said Aunty.

As Chaos has grown, more of her personality has come out and it’s fair to say she has a very determined streak in her. Some might call it stubborn. Others might recognise it in her mother. In recent times she has started throwing some quality tantrums. The day before her birthday she got so outraged that I wouldn’t let her carry a tray of eggs (for her cake), that she collapsed on the ground and howled at the moon in our building courtyard for at least 5 minutes solid, which felt like 20.

But the reason for Chaos being Chaos is that she is just so busy. It’s only been very recent that she started settling in to watch a TV show with Hurricane. More often than not she is up and off. Taking her on public transport for more than 10 minutes is like wrangling an eel in an oil drum armed with a pair of rubber tongs. She doesn’t want to sit still, she wants to go entertain her fellow travelers. As BB likes to say, she’s a little firecracker. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Obviously. Be weird if a parent was to qualify that. Though if she slept through the night more than once a month…

Anyway, for her birthday Chaos wanted a cat cake. That was all. BB – the birthday cake master – duly delivered. We had the little gang around. It was great.

Oh I almost forgot, that morning we went all the way to Brooklyn to see Paw Patrol Live – the stage show of the cartoon. Damn the songs were catchy. Though Hurricane has made it very clear that I’m only allowed to sing them if no one can hear me. Brutal.

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