Mmmmm turkey

Thanksgiving weekend has been and gone. We loved it. Started out with an early morning trip downtown to see the Macy’s parade – it starts at 9am and while we got to Columbus Circle (about 15 blocks from where it starts) just after 8 it was already pretty packed out. Managed to get a spot with a line of sight. Not great but good enough. The kids loved it, though I struggle to see why people would want to make a tradition of it every year. Worth going to once in your life. Apparently over 3 million people line the streets for it each year. Crazy really. We didn’t see the whole thing as we got bored and cold (it was -1), and I also needed to get back home to get the turkey on.

That pic above is my turkey. Stuffed with butter and covered in bacon. In other words, protein cooked in fat. Ohhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah. We had the Commonwealth Crew over for dinner and between us we pulled off the full spread, with our antipodean cousins providing some quality pumpkin and pecan pies.


I’ve still got a fair bit of turkey left over. I forgot how big those birds are. I had originally planned to get a real big sucker – like a 24 pound beast – but then I realised it probably wouldn’t fit in our oven and it could take 5-6 hours to cook. So I settled for the friendlier 14 pound option. A very wise decision.

Good times.



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