Winter is coming



First Chaos, then Hurricane. BB is feeling it too now. The dominoes have been falling. I have been dosing up on vitamin C and upping my protein intake. The latter has nothing to do with fighting off sickness. I just like meat.

It’s only November, but the temperature has dived. Two weeks ago it was 19 degrees (Celsius), this weekend it dropped to a high of 4, and apparently went as low as -11 with the wind chill on Friday night. No sign of snow, it’s just freezing cold.

The kids’ sickness we can put down to the rapid temperature drop. We weren’t ready for it. As a result, BB and I have not been in the same bed for most of this week. Hurricane and Chaos kept waking each other up with their coughs and general misery so we had to split them up.

I got to go sleep in the kids’ room, which meant having Hurricane climb in with me in a single kids bed. He slept on top of me the other night. Obviously attached to my armpit wasn’t close enough, so he dragged himself up and ended up sleeping with his nose in my belly button. That was weird. Belly buttons generally are quite weird, and you can lose a finger in mine. It just keeps going. It was a bit awkward having him bury his schnoz in there. But he seemed comfortable, so I went with it. Until it got really hot and I had to peel the sweaty little limpet off me.

He then woke up and decided to tell me a great story about how one time Chaos tried to drink from his bottle because she thought it was hers, but he turned the light on to show her that it was his, and she was like ‘ohhh it’s yours’, and then she gave it back to him and he was like ‘told you it was mine’. Then he started talking about ice cream.

What’s your favourite ice cream Dad?


I like strawberry.


Can I have some ice cream when I wake up.


Why not?

Because we don’t have ice cream for breakfast.

Yes we do. Remember. You had pancakes and ice cream.

I’m allowed ice cream anytime I like because I’m Daddy.

When I am 33 I will eat ice cream for breakfast.

You can do anything you like when you’re 33. Go to sleep.

It took 2 hours for him to get back to sleep. He was wired as once he started talking about ice cream. The kid just loves ice cream. Not sure where he got that from. The other topics for discussion included sharks, ants and why he has to strip naked in order to sit on the toilet. I wasn’t really listening, he was mostly just talking at me while I tried to sleep.

Squirrels too quick

Anyway, with the small people on the upwards curve we managed to finally get out of the house and get to Central Park before the leaves all disappeared. It’s quite cool to see it in different seasons. It changes a lot. Hurricane and Chaos had a ball chasing squirrels and running in the leaves as dusk settled in. Then we got meatballs and ice cream sandwiches from the Meatball Shop. Quality way to wrap up a pretty tough week.

Though this is only autumn. Getting outside is still doable. The winter shindig is not looking like it’s going to be very easy.





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