The quarterly report

I set some goals for my first quarter. Here is my report card.

Find a playgroup

Achieved. Great work. Now just need to make sure Hurricane’s totalitarian instincts are kept under control and Chaos keeps her teeth to herself.

Work out how to take the kids on the public transport system when solo

Partially achieved. The bus is manageable, but it’s a battle dealing with Hurricane, Chaos, a stroller and a backpack. The subway is a different beast. Getting on isn’t the problem, it’s getting off. Once you reach Manhattan the trains fill up fast during all daylight hours and the stops are short. I am yet to muster the courage for a solo subway journey, but I will tackle it soon.

Stay under 100kg (220lb)

Achieved. Though with the torn calf that’s under threat. Might have to make it 105kg for the second quarter. That seems more realistic. There are a lot of temptations, as you can see.

Find a friend who likes sport

Achieved, thanks to BB’s crowd at law school I have found an Aussie who spends most of his time working out how to get cheap tickets to different sporting events. Very handy. So far I’ve been to the ice hockey and a couple of college football games. The NBA is scheduled for a few weeks time. The ultimate challenge will be an NFL game. It’s a work-on.

That’s just one team. Insane
Barclay’s Center – home of the most expensive beer I’ve had anywhere in the world

Make friends with a nanny that looks after the kids of someone famous so I can get invited over for a play date and pretend it’s my house 

Not achieved. The nannies still view me with suspicion given my love of fuzzy hair. I’ll have to play a long term game. Draw up a strategy perhaps. The same friend who likes sport just got a job at one of the rich private schools where Suri Cruise is on the roll. He may be a good wingman on this one.

Avoid teaching the kids my bad habits

Not achieved. They have all of them – picking fingernails, standing around with hands down their pants, farting and laughing, eating like the food is about to disappear, pretending not to hear what their mother is telling them to do. The list goes on.

Stick to a budget

Not achieved. Yet. The grocery budget ($120 a week) is manageable, but transport, winter clothing and other costs have added up pretty quickly. Then the new NZ Government announced a massive spending program and put the country on a pretty hefty inflation track so the dollar dived. Wiped a month’s living costs for us in just a week. That hasn’t helped. But oh well. It was always a risk.

Happy kids and happy wife 

The kids are happy. They have settled in well and are used to Dad being in charge now. It’s pretty heart warming when Hurricane tells me I’m his best friend, or Chaos climbs onto my lap just to have a cuddle.  The wife would be a lot happier if Chaos would stop terrorising us in the night. Unbroken sleep is about as rare as a clean-shaven hipster right now.

Score: 4 out of 8

Pretty sure that’s a pass mark. It’s how I got my degree anyway.

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