Adventure days

Roughly once a week we pack some supplies and explore a new part of New York. We call these Adventure Days. They are exhausting, but great fun.

For parents curious about the logistics, we simply pack snacks, grab the stroller and frontpack and jump on the subway/bus/ferry. Our feet do the rest. Both Hurricane and Chaos get pretty tired and tend to fall asleep at some point. They can get a bit grouchy late in the day but to be honest they’re little troopers overall. They love getting out and about.

So here is a quick take on our adventures to date in 30 words or less (and some pics in random mosaic style).

Central Park

Delivers on expectations. It’s a beautiful space. We go there a lot. Overpriced food and drink though, so pays to bring your own picnic.

Museum of Natural History

Epic museum. Kids were enthralled. Impossible to see in one hit, but thankfully you can pay whatever you like to enter so we will be going back many times.


Times Square/Midtown

Tourist central. Senses get overloaded with noise, lights, smells, people. Buzzy place, but not the easiest with kids. Seems most people just go there to take selfies.

Governor’s Island 

Loved it, as did the kids. Stinking hot when we went so we sweated a storm cycling the island. Worth it though. Best hotdog to date as well.


Wall St is quite aesthetically pleasing. Ground Zero is really sobering. Happens to be next to the flashest underground shopping mall ever that kind of looks like, well, you decide.

High line walk/Chelsea markets

Very cool concept. Packed on a weekend though, so better to go off peak. Same with the markets. We plan on heading back to eat our way through it properly.

Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Bridge

I could go every Saturday. Epic food market. Best I’ve seen anywhere. Just don’t waste your life on the donut pasta. Terrible. The bridge walk was packed out, but still really cool.

Little Italy – Festival of San Gennaro

Heard about it late so ended up going on the last weekend. It was packed to the max so a hot sweaty nightmare with a stroller. Good gelato and spicy calamari though.

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